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Table Talk

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Should you have round or banqueting tables at your wedding?

What was once a topic that required no thought, the decision of whether your wedding breakfast should be laid upon round or banqueting tables is something we often discuss with couples.

Essentially, there's no right or wrong answer to this question, but with each table layout bringing their own style of socialising and ability to transform your venue, we've collected the pros and cons to help you in your decision making.

So, let's talk tables!  

Photo Credit: OneLove Photography

Aside from beautiful dresses and stunning flowers, creating a memorable wedding goes beyond your venue location and what's on menu. Your guests will remember how comfortable they felt while seated and how easy it was to talk with others - both being a result of your table layout. 

Round Tables

Yes, round tables are the classic wedding set up but, classics never go out of style! 

Round tables are great for socialising and forming friendly groups among guests as they create a feeling of intimacy fostered by their size.

Friends and family that were once unknown to one another become engaged in conversation and as a table, no one feels left out. 

Most, if not all, venues offer two size variations when it comes to round tables. These largely seat 8-10 guests, but just because these arrangements are traditional, it doesn't mean you have to follow suit.

If you're planning a more intimate engagement, opt for smaller tables and reduce your place settings. There are some great hire companies with a whole host of size options. 

The visual impact that centrepieces can create when placed upon a number of round tables is simply stunning. With flowers and decor covering each viewpoint, it allows the entire venue space to feel dressed, delivering the perfect wow-factor. 

Photo Credit: Naomi Kenton

So, what are pros and cons to using round tables for your wedding? 


  • Encourages social conversation and friendly groups among guests.

  • Creates a great opportunity for you to walk around, say hello and speak with each of your guests. 

  • Tables are easy to move around and make the most of your venue space if it's an awkward shape or if there's lots to fill. 

  • You can't beat a classic. Your photos will be timeless. 


  • Round tables can make your seating plan a little more tricky! Guests have to be clustered into groups, so make sure everyone is going to get along. 

  • It's harder to fit more tables in a small space as round tables don't lend themselves to being positioned closely to walls.

Banquet Tables

Heavily influenced by our friends across the pond, long banquet tables have become a growing wedding trend that isn't going away anytime soon and it's easy to see why! 

Photo Credit: Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

Long tables are great for creating a relaxed, family-dining feel.

Not only do they look gorgeous but they can also make your table planning easier. Groups of friends and family can be merged along the table without obviously grouping or separating people. What's more, if you're stuck for space you might be able to squeeze a few extra in!

Alternatively, you can fully embrace the informal style and opt for a 'free' seating plan, allowing guests to be seated where they choose with the people they know and love.

Photo Credit: The Wedding Playbook

Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty

When it comes to centrepiece decor, the options are endless! From long cascading garlands to low level blooms, you have the opportunity to create a striking style thread from end-to-end. 

Or why not let the food to the talking? Banquet tables are perfect for serving sharing platters rather than a set meal, so why not keep centrepieces to a minimum if you're planning a feast for the eyes (and rumbling tummies!).

Photo Credit: Blog Lovin

So, let's round this off with the pros and cons to having banquet tables. 


  • Informal, family style dining.

  • Great for barn, marquee and long wedding venues.

  • Relaxed wedding menu with sharing platters.

  • Lots of little centrepieces can save you money.


  • People can feel left out on the ends of the table and conversations among guests are limited by distance.

  • No top table, meaning newlyweds and the bridal party won't visually stand out from the guests.

The seating plan can be harder as you have everyone to seat in one go. Guests will need an indication of where they are laced so split the table into sections, or list seating arrangements per side. 

Still can't decide? Be creative and mix things up a little...! E V E R  A F T E R x

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