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do what you love

And so we do.

We pride ourselves on beautiful styling, stunning floral design and hand-picked finishing touches but, it's crafting the little things to make your wedding day truly unique that we love the most.

With every wedding comes a new wave of creativity, a burst of excitement, and an opportunity to collaborate with like-minded people to make someone's dreams a reality... and that's pretty awesome.

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there's heaps of love & laughter

Aside from being asked whether we're sisters, we're often asked what it's really like to do what we do, and the truth is:


It's early starts and late nights. Being so engrossed that we forget what the time is.

It's meeting the nicest people you could ever imagine and sometimes, their pets.

It's an endless supply of Haribo.

It's getting to know our clients, turning them into friends and creating something truly amazing for them.

It's being creative and passionate, putting everything we have into everything we do.

It's the sweet smell of fresh flowers.

It's feeling as excited as you for your wedding day to arrive and then, it's the look on your face when you walk in...


...that's when we can stand back, feel giddy and be proud of what we've created.


cave of wonder


All of our consultations are held virtually following a completed consultation form.

We then prepare a personalised design quotation for your wedding day, allowing you to visualise your style and bring your ideas to life. 

Our studio is based in Denham, Buckinghamshire and full to the brim with treasures and trinkets. 


On booking with us, this is where we invite you to guzzle tea, ask questions, and to help you with your plans as much as we can, as often as you'd like. 

So, are you ready to start planning you day?

Ever After Weddings
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